ABOUT ME: Full Circle

My name is Clint Robinson. I have been involved in the arts for more than 20 years and have always had a passion for creating. I make a living as a Public School Visual Art Teacher in West Georgia because I really love to share the creative process with everyone. 

I decided long ago to pursue this career path in the hopes of having a family (I know...a little mushy). I'm blessed with a very supportive and beautiful wife along with two amazing little girls. 

I love everything about painting! There is something almost magical to me in the different hues, metallics, candies and finishes associated with automotive paints. I painted my Triumph Bonneville in 2007, and needed to add a few stripes on it to separate the colors. So I bought a brush and some paint, not knowing what I was doing, and I striped it.  I thought it came out pretty good, so did everyone else. This brought my confidence level up a little and I started looking for examples and tips on the web. I found some practice designs/ templates and gave it a try. 
In 2008, I made the decision to learn the art of pinstriping. I had always admired the art at a distance and my second little princess was due to be born any day. We knew she was going to be special needs and running around on my motorcycle wasn't going to work as much anymore. I figured I needed to stay close to home for a while, so I went to the art store and bought some more 1Shot paint, got out the brushes and sat down to practice. I loved it and wanted more.

Over the summer, I devoured everything written on the subject I could find and practiced day after day.  When I went back to work at the beginning of the school year, I would pinstripe anything my students or friends would bring me (cell phones, Xbox's, picture frames, guitars, skateboards, shoes, the list goes on and on…). I eventually was asked to do a few cars and some bikes, and I participated in a few panel jams at the annual World of Wheels in Atlanta.

Pinstriping became such an addiction for me that I have incorporated it into my class curriculum, scored some awesome support form Mack Brush Co., 1Shot Paint Co., and Tramps Designs. Incorporating this passion into my class curriculum and constantly producing work has given several students a new direction in their own lives. Professionally, this is the best it can get.  

Recently I decided to pursue a Master's Degree in art education from the University of Florida (CHOMP CHOMP). In my studies, I focused on educating children with Down Syndrome in the arts (because as I mentioned above my 2nd daughter graced our family with an extra chromosome, throwing our world into an interesting new adventure).  So, you can see some of the art projects related to my classroom and Down syndrome in my "Other Cool Stuff" link.

 My next step and degree (looking into my doctorate degree now) will be focused on the impact a father has on a child's life. Where? Lagrange College in Lagrange, Georgia.

Everything in life seems to be related. My love of art led to my family and my job which prepared me for having a special needs daughter and that led to the patience I need to lay down those intricate lines. 

Thanks for reading my story.  I hope if you have something you want striped, you'll come see me!